Can You Mix Gold And Silver Rings Together?

can you mix gold and silver rings

Have you ever wondered if you can mix gold and silver rings together? Perhaps a fashion rule of unknown origin that you should never mix gold and silver when styling jewelry has prevented this wonderful combination. This article will explain the charm of combining gold and silver rings on your hands, dispel doubts about a bad luck will be brought by this combination, and give a few suggestions to help you be confident when mixing and matching your jewelry.

1. Is it okay to mix gold and silver together?

Many fashionistas of this century are still following the trend of mixing and blocking colors that started in the 1990s. But fashion is breaking boundaries. This makes no difference when you wear gold and silver rings together.

can you mix gold and silver rings

Wearing silver and gold jewelry was once considered faux pas, but combining these metals is increasingly accepted as people explore groundbreaking fashion styles. More and more combinations of these two metals are appearing to create some stunning pieces of jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, engagement and wedding rings.

can you mix gold and silver rings

Silver and gold are a splendid match: the warm, precious gold is a beautiful contrast to the cool, versatile silver, which creates a look that stands out and is suitable for everyone. In addition, gold carries a high value, while silver is affordable, so this combination is both luxurious and trendy with the latest fashion trends.

2. Is it unlucky to wear gold and silver together?

Luck is an abstract concept, something that happens to you by chance without taking any personal action. A lot of people believe in luck, but in reality, it's all our own making.

Gold and silver will enhance your beauty visually. The value of jewelry is that they are incredible designs that evoke strong emotions either by their message, their symbolism or by the person giving it as a gift.

can you mix gold and silver rings

Wearing gold and silver together will bring bad luck is just a rumor. Wearing jewelry is a personal choice, a way to show off your unique style and creativity to the rest of the world. If you have a great idea you want to try, skip the superstition, go ahead and start working on it.

3. Some suggestions on how to wear gold and silver together

  • For starters to try this trend, wear two-tone jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings.
  • Choose quality jewelry so that they stand out, blend easily, and look great together.
  • Less is more. Keep gold and sterling silver jewelry to a minimum, subtle but attractive. For example, simple silver and gold rings, combined with silver hoop earrings.
  • Choose your gold and silver jewelry in style. Factors to consider are design, size and quantity.
can you mix gold and silver rings

Both silver and gold are inactive at room temperature. So they won’t react even if they come into contact with each other.

You can combine the silver and white gold, but there’s a big chance they won’t stand out. Silver tends to tarnish over time. And white gold is more durable, which will likely wear down the silver chain if you’re an active person.

Where you can buy gold and silver rings

Which finger to wear the ring on is largely down to personal preference and choice. We hope that the article has provided relevant and complete information about the meaning of each finger for wearing a ring so that you can make an informed decision about which finger to wear as well as which ring fits each of your fingers. Visit 925SHINE to find your destiny ring right away.

final thoughts

We hope you found this article informative. Are you ready to combine gold and silver rings based on our suggestions? Let us know your thoughts! Comment below with any jewelry questions or article ideas you'd like us to explore!

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