Large silver hoop earrings: tips and styling guide

large silver hoop earrings

Large silver hoop earrings are known to be more of a fashion statement than other types, but you still wonder whether they are suitable for your outfits.  Let’s read this blog to find out some tips and a styling guide for big hoop earrings.

1. About large silver hoop earrings

Large silver hoop earrings were one of the trendy jewelry during the 90s. However, they have never gone out of fashion. They also become a go-to piece of earrings with their affordability and durability.  

Large hoops are an ideal option if you want to turn heads with your own style. A large hoop is over 50 mm.

mens sterling silver earrings

Large silver hoop earrings

You can also try oversized hoop earrings which are between 65mm and 120mm. You should choose those with thin and lightweight designs to wear comfortably. Wearing XXL hoop earrings is an incredible way to make your look stand out.

2. Tips to wear large silver hoop earrings

With a variety of sizes and designs, large silver hoop earrings tend to complement any face shape and hairstyle, but they may look best with elongated or wide face shapes and pulled-back hairstyles. This draws maximum attention to your face. 

Here are some tips to choose large hoop earrings: 

  • Choose big and oval-shaped hoop earrings if your neck is short.
  • If you have a round or heart face shape, you need wider earrings to balance your face appearance. Compared to a narrow or long face shape, you can try thin hoop earrings. 
  • Consider pulling back or tying up your hair if you are wearing large hoops because it makes you feel more attractive and comfortable.
mens sterling silver earrings

Pull back your hair to show your large hoop to the world

  • It is perfect to wear large silver hoop earrings if your hair is a short-cut. They may create a look of romance or drama for your face. But make sure to show your stylish large earrings to the world. 
  • You can also match this type of earrings with other jewelry including necklaces, rings, or bracelets to become more fashionable.
mens sterling silver earrings

Wear large hoops when your hair is short

3. How to style large silver hoop earrings

Large silver hoop earrings are a perfect item you can choose to make your fashion statement because of their stylish and bold look. Here are some styling guides to wear large hoops like fashion bloggers:

mens sterling silver earrings

Mix large hoops with your casual look

mens sterling silver earrings

Be chic and effortless with large earrings

mens sterling silver earrings

Get a bohemian look with large hoops

mens sterling silver earrings

Wear oversized hoops for a night party

mens sterling silver earrings

Turn heads in summer with super large hoops

If you want to discover more about hoops, our blog about silver hoop earrings is for you. There are a wide range of hoop earrings for you to choose from. If large hoops do not suit you, you can try huggie earrings or medium hoops. And if you are a man, you can consider hoops for men.

Silver hoop earrings or sterling silver hoop earrings are the best choices if you want to find affordable and timeless hoops.

Buying guide

If you are looking for the best piece of large silver hoop earrings, you can visit Pandora, Saiso, BlueNile, or 925Shine. In addition, you can easily find them on Amazon or Etsy.

Final thoughts

Large silver hoop earrings are a must-try because you can create a unique and bold look with them. Whether you wear casually or you are looking for an accessory for formal events, big hoops are a special staple. 

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