How to choose men’s silver hoop earrings?

mens silver hoop earrings

1. How to choose men’s silver hoop earrings

Men’s silver hoop earrings have a variety of sizes, from huggies to large hoops. 14mm is the size of hoop earrings favored by men. They are noticeable and stylish. However, they are not too big and make you feel uncomfortable. Or you can wear a set of hoop earrings of different sizes to adorn your earlobes.

silver forest earrings

Huggie hoops for men

When choosing silver hoop earrings for men, you need to consider the following factors: 

  • Flexibility: Wearing large hoops is not a perfect choice for men with active jobs or playing sports. Or you need to take them off when playing sports or working. Small hoop earrings or huggies are much better for your daily wear while large hoops may best suit you on special occasions. 
  • Styling: Silver huggie hoops are perfect for everyday wear. If you want to create an edgy look, try larger hoops or hoops with unique designs or charms. 

Affordability:  Sterling silver is a great alternative because this metal is precious and durable. It also is easier for you to afford silver than gold or platinum.

2. The best hoop earrings for men

Basic huggie hoops 

Basic small hoop earrings are most easy-to-wear for men because you can match them with any outfit, from casual look, bold style to formal wear. You may choose thin or wide basic hoops. Moreover, it is great for men to wear a set of huggie hoops.

silver forest earrings

Basic huggies

Large hoops for men

Wearing large hoops may make you feel inconvenient, however, they are the best pieces for special occasions. Large hoops draw maximum attention to your face and make your look more of a statement fashion.

silver forest earrings

Wear large hoops in a casual style

silver forest earrings

Large hoops are statement for men

Hoops with charms

Hoops for men are decorated with different kinds of charms like dangling charms, crux, links, etc. They may be a plus to your cool and stylish outfits.

silver forest earrings

Crux dangle hoop

Chunky hoops 

If you want to wear it in a bold and edgy style, wearing chunky hoops is an excellent option.

silver forest earrings

Chunky hoop earrings

Oval hoops 

Oval hoops are must-have items in your jewelry collection if you change your hoops for your daily outfits.

silver forest earrings

Oval hoop earrings for men

Engraved hoop earrings 

Engraved silver hoop earrings bring a classic vibe to your look. And they are artsy staples that may highlight your outfits.

silver forest earrings

Engraved hoop earrings for men

Hoops with modified shapes 

There is a wide range of unique hoops which make your look stunning. It is a perfect idea to wear unique hoop earrings to show your edgy and bold side. Here are some recommendations:

silver forest earrings

Nail huggie hoop earrings for men

silver forest earrings

Spike hoop earrings for men

Thick hair may make your hoops harder to see. Therefore, you can choose larger hoops to wear.

You can browse this article to read the detailed steps of cleaning silver earrings.

Buying guide

To adorn your earlobes, you may visit Pandora, 925Shine, Amazon, and Etsy.

Final thoughts

Hope you may choose your favorite pairs of men’s silver hoop earrings and get inspired with our recommended styling guide. If you are interested in how to style your jewelry, don’t miss our blogs to know more.

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