925Shine’s Definitive Guide To Silver Earrings

silver earrings

Are you looking for a piece of earrings that are budget-friendly, timeless, easy to wear, and have many variants of sizes and designs? Silver earrings are the best option for you because they meet your demands. Read the blog below to discover more about silver earrings.

1. About silver earrings?

You might wonder about fine silver or sterling silver or pure silver. 

Pure silver is 100% silver while fine silver is 99.9% pure silver. Compared to pure silver, fine silver earrings are beautiful and nearly not tarnished. However, they are too soft and easily pressed out of shape. 

Sterling silver earrings are considered to be the best choice because they are made from 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. This makes your jewelry harder and more durable. Most silver earrings on the markets are made from sterling silver. 

To identify them, you can find the hallmark on the earrings: 925 (sterling silver) and 999 (fine silver).

silver hoop earrings

Silver earrings

2. Why you should choose silver earrings

There are 3 main reasons to choose silver earrings as followed: 

  • Silver is a precious metal, but it is much more affordable than gold or platinum. 
  • They are also durable because they are made from 92.5% silver. They are much harder than 999 silver. 
  • They have various kinds of silver earrings for both men and women, from pairings for everyday wear to ones for parties or nights out.
silver hoop earrings

Mixing hoops with studs

3. 10 types of silver earrings you should try

3.1. Silver hoop earrings 

Silver hoop earrings are one of the perfect earrings for everyday wear. They are must-haves in every jewelry collection of both men and women. Besides, this classic staple is one of the hottest accessories over the decades for many reasons: 

  • Hoop earrings are able to draw attention to your face and compliment your face shapes, especially angular, elongated, and wide face shapes.
  • Silver hoop earrings are suitable for every look. If you want to dress effortlessly, huggies are the best choice for you. If you want to show your edgy and bold side, you can try chunky hoops or large or XXL hoops. 
  • They are loved by a variety of fashion bloggers and celebrities. They can be used for their casual look and even prom outfits. 
  • There are a number of sizes and designs of silver hoop earrings for you to choose from.

To bring your hoops out to the world, you should tie up or pull back your hair.

silver hoop earrings

Medium hoops

silver hoop earrings

Diamond hoops

3.2. Silver stud earrings 

If you are looking for a piece of earrings that you can wear now and forever, silver stud earrings are essential in your collection. Like hoops, studs are classic accessories that match any outfit on any occasion. 

Why should you choose silver stud earrings? 

  • They go well with any look, face shape, and hairstyle. You can wear them casually or even mix and match them with outfits for special occasions. A diamond stud is an example of a shimmering piece for a night out or prom.  
  • Thanks to their metal, silver studs are durable and they are suitable for every age, which means that you may wear silver stud earrings for a long time and they never go out of fashion. 
  • Studs are also comfortable to wear and suitable for a newly-pierced hole. 
  • You can easily mix studs with other types of earrings like hoops, long earrings. 

There are plenty of sizes and unique designs for both men and women to wear.

silver hoop earrings

Diamond stud earrings in sterling silver

3.3. Silver drop earrings 

Drop earrings are the earrings that hang below the earlobe and keep stationary when you walk or swing your head. They are different from dangle earrings because dangling pieces may swing side to side. 

Drop earrings best suit those who love chic and elegant style. It is a perfect idea to wear silver drop earrings on special occasions because they are eye-catching and their shimmer makes you more well-dressed. 

They are adorned with various charms and stunning designs. Here are some examples:

silver hoop earrings

Mini drop earrings

silver hoop earrings

Crystal drop earrings

3.4. Long silver earrings 

If you want to find the best pieces for special occasions, especially a night out or a prom or a party, you should try long silver earrings. They best match those who want to look graceful or sexy. 

However, they may make you uncomfortable when wearing them because they can be twisted with your hair.

silver hoop earrings

Long silver earrings

3.5. Silver tassel earrings 

This is a kind of earring which are designed with hanging tassels. This pairing is most suitable for your outfits at night or party. Wearing silver tassel earrings may make you more fashionable and gorgeous. The glamour of tassels catches the light of events and draws much attention to your face.

Silver tassel earrings

Silver tassel earrings

silver hoop earrings

Silver wedding tassel earrings

3.6. Silver bar earrings 

Silver bar earrings are one of the basic accessories which should be added to your jewelry collection. Wearing bar earrings is a great way of framing your face shapes. 

You may wear silver bar earrings daily because they have various forms in different sizes, from bar studs to bar dangling. They can be adorned with diamonds to become more sparkling. 

Like hoops and studs, silver bar earrings can be used for every occasion and outfit. You can use bar studs for everyday wear and diamond bar dangling earrings for a luxurious event.

silver hoop earrings

Silver bar earrings

silver hoop earrings

Silver long bar dangle earrings

3.7. Silver cross earrings

Are you searching for a piece of earrings that can show your bold and grunge side? Earrings with a dangling cross are an ideal choice for you. This unisex pairing can be mixed and matched with other cool accessories like chunky chain necklaces, thick rings.

silver hoop earrings

Silver cross earrings for men

silver hoop earrings

Mixing cross earrings with other accessories

3.8. Vintage silver earrings 

There are a lot of types of vintage silver earrings. They are usually designed with vintage patterns. You can see some suggestions below. If you want a basic piece of earrings that brings a vintage vibe, you can refer to wearing medium, large, or thick hoops.

Crystal teardrop earrings

Crystal teardrop earrings

Vintage silver earrings

Vintage silver earrings

3.9. Hammer silver earrings

Hammer silver earrings are pieces adorned with hammered metal. They have different forms, from hammer studs to hammer dangle earrings. They are also modified into unique shapes like hammered heart stud earrings.

silver hoop earrings

Hammered heart stud earrings

silver hoop earrings

Hammered silver disc earrings

3.10. Bridesmaid silver earrings

Bridesmaid silver earrings are an affordable choice for brides. This type of pairing is usually designed skillfully and decorated with sweet adornments like diamonds, pearls, etc. It will be perfect if the brides wear statement silver earrings and have up-do hairstyles to show their shimmering pieces. 

Bridesmaid silver earrings also have many variants in sizes and forms for brides to choose from, for example, diamond long silver earrings, teardrop earrings.

Bridesmaid silver studs

Bridesmaid silver studs

silver hoop earrings

Bridesmaid silver earrings

4. How to style silver earrings?

Here are our suggestions about styling your silver earrings:

4.1. Minimalism

Dressing in a minimalist style complements the elegant beauty of the simple pieces you are wearing. This brings an effortless and comfortable style, which makes you most confident. In this case, silver hoops and studs are the perfect choices for you.

silver hoop earrings

Wear hoops effortlessly

4.2. Bohemian

Wearing silver earrings is a great idea to build up a bohemian aesthetic. You should choose bold and unique-design pieces like XXL hoops, dangle earrings, vintage pairings with boho adornments. Here are some examples for you:

silver hoop earrings

Boho hoop earrings

silver hoop earrings

Vintage silver earrings

4.3. Ear stacking 

Ear stacking is the latest trend making your ear more eye-catching. You may embellish your earlobe with different types of silver earrings like mixing hoops with studs or drop earrings with huggies. Here are some suggestions for you:

silver hoop earrings

Mixing basic huggies with diamond huggies

silver hoop earrings

Wearing studs and drop earrings

4.4. Mixing with other accessories 

To switch up your daily style, you may match silver earrings with other jewelry like rings, bracelets, and necklaces. For example, to create a bold look, try thick hoops, chain necklaces, and chunky rings.

silver hoop earrings

Thick hoops and chain necklace

4.5. The mini-trend

Small stud earrings and huggie hoops are the best pieces for you to wear now and forever. The reason is that you can easily mix and match them with any outfit on any occasion. One tip you need to remember is to tie up or pull back your hair to show your silver earrings.

silver hoop earrings

Diamond stud earrings

It is very easy for you to clean and if your silver earrings are in good condition beneath the tarnish, you can use them normally.

In addition to silver earrings, you can refer to silver necklaces, bracelets, and rings on our blogs.

Buying guide

If you want to buy silver earrings online, you can visit 925Shine, Pandora, Amazon, Etsy, BlueNile, etc.

final thoughts

It is an excellent choice to wear silver earrings because they have a variety of sizes and designs. Moreover, you can afford them easily and wear them for a long time. Hope you have fun with our blogs.

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