Silver Engagement Ring for Her: Remarkable Subtleties

silver engagement rings for her

Are you looking for a silver engagement ring for her on your significant day? You are struggling between many options because you want her to feel special when she receives the engagement ring. But in reality, it's not as difficult as it seems. Pay attention to the delicate details of the ring, and let her see your sincere feelings through the one-of-a-kind ring.

1. Principal steps: Budget, gemstones, and ring styles

Those are the 3 basic steps of shaping the sterling silver ring in your imagination. Those are the 3 fundamental steps of shaping the ring in your imagination.

silver engagement rings for her

The cost of the ring should be within your budget, otherwise there is a great chance that it will cause you a little discomfort on the day you propose or later in life. Commonly used gemstones include diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. You can choose a diamond ring or a silver ring with stones. It’s up to you. Each type of stone will have its own suitable shape. And another important thing is the ring style. There are many different styles to choose from: Solitaire, Halo, Cluster, etc.

For more detailed information, please read this article: Silver Engagement Ring Guide

2. Ring profiles

The word "profile" refers to the shape of the metal band you would see if the ring were viewed as a cross-section. There are many types such as Court, Flat, Flat Court, Double Comfort and D-Shape. Choosing a ring profile is especially important when you want to buy a simple engagement ring. You can choose the profile that you think suits her best and feels most comfortable to wear.

silver engagement rings for her

3. Setting styles

There are a variety of setup styles to fix your center and accent stones. Below are the most common setting styles and the visual differences between them.

3.1. Claw setting

The most popular choice for center stones in dainty rings, a claw setting that includes round wire prongs that clasp the top of the stone. Round stones are usually placed in a 4- or 6-claw design. Square and rectangular cut stones are usually set up in a 4-claw pattern to protect each corner. Pear and marquise cut stones are often set with V-shaped claws to secure points with additional claws positioned in curved faces.

silver engagement rings for her

3.2. Microclaw setting

Accent stones like halo and shoulder stones are most commonly associated with microclaw settings. The claws carved from the sides of the ring create a secure setting for each stone. There is little metal visible around the stones allowing for a smoother looking band with lots of sparkle.

silver engagement rings for her

3.3. Bezel setting

A bezel setting is where the stones are secured by a metal bezel. This rim of metal is smooth around the stone and protects the edges from impact. It should be noted that it also encloses more parts of the gem than claw settings.

silver engagement rings for her

3.4. Grain Setting

The grain setting is where a ring is drilled under each stone allowing the stone to drop in and be nearly flush with the surface of the metal. The stones are fixed by lifting a metal bead from the ring and pushing it over the edge of the stone. This setting is for classic designs with lots of accent stones.

silver engagement rings for her

This is up to personal preference. But if you have slim fingers, you may want a smaller band width, and broader fingers tend to suit larger sizes. Size may vary depending on ring styles.

There are different edges featured on engagement rings. These include beveled, beaded, latticed and milgrain.

Buying guide

You can browse the collection of silver engagement rings for her at Etsy, Amazon and Overstock.

Or, if you don't have a ring you're happy with, order an engagement ring from reputable brands like Vrai, Blue Nile, Zales, and Kay Jewelers. You can also easily create a handmade silver ring at a reasonable cost.

Remember that 925SHINE also offers 925 silver jewelry with good quality and reasonable price.

final thoughts

Shopping for an engagement ring can be an overwhelming undertaking. Hopefully our article will make it easy for you to find the perfect engagement ring. We also wish you the best of luck as you get down on one knee and pop the big question!

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