Discover styling guide for silver huggie earrings

silver huggie earrings

A pair of silver huggie earrings is one of the most wearable accessories for your daily outfits. If you want to rock from your casual style to formal outfits, this item is a must-have. Here is a styling guide for you to wear silver huggie earrings.

Different kinds of silver huggie earrings

Block silver huggie earrings 

If you are looking for a pair of silver huggie earrings, chunky hoops are a perfect option. It is a great way to create a bold and vibrant look.

silver huggie earrings

U-shaped silver huggie earrings 

U-designed huggies are also an eye-catching item that has an elongated structure. You can mix this accessory with a black dress or basic t-shirt and jeans for effortlessly chic style.

silver huggie earrings

Charm silver huggie earrings 

If you want to look elegant and gorgeous, you can refer to charm silver huggie earrings. Small hoops are sweetly adorned with heart shapes or butterflies or stars. Mixing with a simple look allows the earrings to really stand out.

Diamond silver huggie earrings 

Diamond silver huggie earrings are a modern update that makes a shimmer look. They work well with your up-do hairstyle, which allows you to show off your sparkling earrings.     

silver huggie earrings

Huggie earring set

If you want to look in a bold and stylish way, a set of silver huggie earrings is a must-try because you can wear small hoops on the upper half or lower half of your ears. It is also preferable if you want to add a sense of whimsy to your daily look.

silver huggie earrings

Silver huggie earrings styling guide

Wear them with other jewelry 

You may rock any style when wearing a pair of silver huggie earrings. To create a fashionable look for your ear, you can wear a set of huggies or mix different types of earrings, which make your own taste for earrings. 

You can wear them in an unexpected way alongside your ears to become unique. 

Here are some suggestions to wear this item with other accessories

Wear them anywhere

A pair of silver huggie earrings are versatile for any occasion from at the office to other special occasions. It can be worn alongside studs and ear cuffs. Here are some suggestions on how to mix and match this item

silver huggie earrings
silver huggie earrings

You definitely wear huggie earrings when sleeping because they are snug to your ears and comfortable to wear. However, you should not wear them for a long period. You should take them off and clean them to make sure your piercing hole is not infected.

There are 2 types of huggie fastening you need to know. They include butterfly back huggies and hinged back huggies. You can read this blog to know more about this.

Buying guide

To find the best pieces of silver huggie earrings, you can visit Pandora, Amazon, Etsy or 925Shine.

final thougts

In general, when it comes to silver huggie earrings, you should consider four trendy types of earrings which we have listed in this blog. Hope you have fun with our daily jewelry blogs.

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