How to Choose the Right Type of Silver Chain Necklace

silver necklace chain

Are you thinking of buying a silver chain necklace but don't know which chain suits you best? With so many different types of chain necklaces, it can be overwhelming and difficult to make a decision. In this article, we will describe the characteristics, durability, and repairability of each type of chain to make it easier for you to find the best chain necklaces.

1. Rope chain

According to many fashionistas, rope chain necklaces are some of the most beautiful necklaces. The segments are tightly connected together, in two or three, with a twisted pattern, like a real rope. The rope reflects light very well from any angle because of this striking twisted rope pattern. That is why rope chains are one of the brightest, most delicate, and sparkly necklaces, which makes them one of the most popular necklace styles in the world.

silver necklace chain

Rope chains are one of the most durable, heavy-duty, and well-built chains. They are quite strong, and won't come apart easily. The chain will slowly stretch over time, but it shouldn't have much of an effect on the chain's strength. The thicker the rope, the less stretch it has. They are easy to fix. Thick rope chains are a popular choice among men.

2. Box chain

The box chain has square links, which makes each link look like a box. The strength of the box chain depends on its width. The thinner it is, the easier it is to break.

Repairing a box chain is not too difficult as you can replace the broken link with a new one or remove the broken link and then reattach the chain. Dainty box chains are very popular in women's jewelry and they are often combined with pendants. The thick box chains are worn as a statement piece.

silver necklace chain

3. Cable chain

Cable chains are one of the most popular chains thanks to their vintage look and durability. This design is inspired by metal chains used to anchor ships. A cable chain consists of identical circular or oval links connected to the next.

Not only round shape, cable chains can be flat shape. The chain is not easily broken thanks to its simple and sturdy design. Tightening misshapen links isn't difficult for any jeweler so don't worry if your cable accidentally breaks.

silver necklace chain

4. Snake chain

This type of chain can be compared to the body of a snake because it actually moves like a snake in a flexible way. The chain consists of a series of small rings (plates or bands), which are tightly linked together to form a smooth chain. The rings are so close together that they can only be noticeable when you look closely.

Snake chain necklaces are very beautiful and elegant. Their durability is a little less than that of rope and box chains. Fixing them is not an easy job due to their delicate design.

silver necklace chain

There are many types of silver that can be used to make jewelry. One of the best silver available for necklaces is 925 sterling silver. Due to its durability compared to pure silver, sterling silver with 92.5% silver with metal alloys is favored by many jewelers.

Chain necklaces for men should be 20” long and 2-6 mm wide. If incorporating a pendant, it should be 22-24” long and 4-6mm wide.

Buying guide

Now do you know what kind of chain necklace you want? You can completely wear a silver chain necklace alone, or combine with meaningful pendants or lockets. You can find the best chain necklaces at 925Shine, Astrid & Miyu, Daisy, Pandora, Daphine, and Missoma.

Final thought

Hope this article has given you the characteristics, durability, repairability of each type of silver chain necklace and which one is right for you. Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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