Before you Buy a Silver Ring: What does the Ring on Each Finger Mean?

silver rings

You are planning to buy a silver ring. It’s okay if you put the ring on the finger it fits; however, it is better to determine which finger the ring will be worn on. Because: “The reality is that rings send a message,” states the Art Of Manliness. Rings have their own way of saying everything you want to convey without having to say a word. The placement of the ring is able to indicate the wearer’s marital status, level of sincerity, and aspirations in life. It is important to know the meaning of rings on each finger if you want to avoid unnecessary confusion because you wear them on the inappropriate finger.

silver rings

1. Wearing silver rings on the left or the right hand

There aren't any rules about which hand you need to wear your silver band on in most cultures. Wearing a ring on any hand is said to carry the same message and not distort one's intentions when wearing it. Most of us tend to wear valuable rings on our dominant hand, or based on personal preference.

However, engagement and wedding rings are the exceptions as there are many specific cultural traditions that dictate which hand the couple must wear the ring on. In the United States and much of North and South America, a band on the right ring finger indicates engagement, while a band on the left ring finger indicates marriage. But some countries such as India, Germany, Spain, Norway, and Russia wear their wedding bands on their right hand.

silver rings

So, in most cases, don't worry about the rule of whether to wear the ring on the right or left hand. People often place great importance on the meaning of the ring on the dominant (active) and non-dominant (passive) hands.

2. What wearing rings on thumb means

Independence, willpower, and flexibility are expressions that the thumb conveys. Therefore, wearing a ring on the thumb symbolizes self-assertion, unyielding will, and freedom of thought.

In most societies, a men’s silver ring is often worn on the thumb to make a statement of wealth or influence. A thumb ring is also often a wise choice when the wearer wants to put on more than one ring on the same hand as it creates distance from the other rings. Otherwise, a silver wedding ring with a pinky or middle finger ring can be quite crowded both visually and physically.

silver rings

A wide silver ring or a chunky silver ring on the thumb looks good, but nothing too flashy or expensive. Don't choose too extravagant designs but keep it unique and simple.

3. What wearing rings on index finger means

The index finger (or pointer finger) represents authority, leadership, and self-esteem. A ring on the index finger on the dominant hand reflects ambition, self-esteem, and leadership qualities. Meanwhile, a ring on the index finger of the non-dominant hand shows acceptance of leadership from those around.

Historically, kings, queens, royal figures, and high priests wore rings on the index finger to establish dominion. They also denoted specific family status as a crest and were reserved for the elite. That makes the index finger a suitable place for things like class rings, fraternal rings, or family and membership crests. Since this finger is a symbol of leadership and authority, many people wear a ring on this finger to enhance their leadership skills, self-esteem and confidence.

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Astrologically, the index finger is associated with Jupiter, which symbolizes authority and leadership. Bright silver tones are standard for this finger. Recommended gemstones for this finger include blue topaz, amethyst, and lapis lazuli.

4. What wearing rings on middle finger means

The middle finger symbolizes individuality. It represents beauty, balance, personal identity, self-worth, responsibility, and soul-searching. Rings on the middle finger show a sense of balance and responsibility. It is supposed that one should wear a ring on this finger if they are looking for balance in life. 

Apart from the obvious hand gesture, the middle finger is your largest, boldest finger. That said, a lot of first-time ring-wearers might feel more comfortable with the middle finger. Purely because it feels so strapping and frankly. It is best to choose a compact and simple silver ring if you are wearing them on your middle finger, otherwise, it can be a hindrance to delicate manual work.

silver rings

Because of its central location, the finger is associated with Saturn. Since Saturn's metal is lead, simple gray metals like steel are typical choices for rings on the middle finger. Recommended gemstones for this finger are coral, aquamarine, and rose quartz, all of which are meant to have soothing properties.

5. What wearing rings on ring finger means

The ring finger represents love, beauty, creativity, relationships, commitment, faithfulness, creativity, and adventure. Wearing a ring on this finger reflects love and compatibility, so people wear engagement and marriage rings on this finger.

Almost all cultures around the world require the wedding ring to be worn during the marriage and worn on the ring finger. This is because it is believed that the ring finger has a vein directly connected to the heart, called the Vena Amoris or vein of love by the early Romans, hence the hearts of lovers will be connected by their rings.

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Symbolically, the fourth finger is associated with Earth's moon, creativity, beauty, and romantic relationships. The moon's metal is silver, making silver rings a worthy choice for rings worn on the ring finger. A simple silver band or one with minor, same-tone designs is a good idea for a wedding or engagement ring. Recommended gemstones for this finger are sapphire, amethyst, and jade.

6. What wearing rings on pinky finger means

A ring on the little finger (or pinky finger) is a sign of communication, intuition, and intelligence. In most countries, wearing a ring on the pinky finger has no religious or cultural significance. However, Native Americans believe that a ring on this finger symbolizes independence and affiliation.

silver rings

According to astrology, the little finger is associated with Mercury symbolizing intuition, intelligence, and persuasion. 925 Sterling silver rings or dainty silver rings are good ideas for the pinky finger. Recommended gemstones for this finger are amber, citrine, and moonstone, which are said to activate Mercury's powers.

For the most accurate measurements, the best time to measure is when your body feels at its most normal: at room temperature, mid-day, not after exercising, or a hot meal. If you don’t feel confident about the size measured by yourself, consider having it professionally measured. Ring guards or sizing beads may work if unfortunately, the ring doesn’t fit.

Silver is considered safe by doctors. Silver offers antibacterial and disease-fighting benefits. Silver rings also offer a number of other benefits, including pain relief, anxiety relief, calmness, and ease to re-focus.


Which finger to wear the ring on is largely down to personal preference and choice. We hope that the article has provided relevant and complete information about the meaning of each finger for wearing a ring so that you can make an informed decision about which finger to wear as well as which ring fits each of your fingers. Visit 925SHINE to find your destiny ring right away.

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