Silver stud earrings: A must-have in every jewelry capsule wardrobe

silver stud earrings

Silver stud earrings are an essential fashion accessory in every jewelry capsule wardrobe. Their dainty, yet elegant appeal can be matched up with any outfit. Moreover, studs have various styles and designs for you to choose from. If you are considering their types and designs, this blog is for you.

1. About silver stud earrings

Silver stud earrings are one of the most popular styles of earrings. Stud earrings can be bare metal or adorned with a small stone or designed uniquely to draw attention to the pieces. They are a minimalist staple which has an ear backing to prevent the pieces from falling down.

Why you should choose silver stud earrings: 

  • Most silver stud earrings on the market are made from sterling silver or 925 silver because pure silver and fine silver are easily pressed out of shape. Sterling silver stud earrings are harder and more durable. These precious pieces are also much more budget-friendly than those made from gold or platinum. 
  • Like huggies, a piece of silver stud earrings, especially small studs, is a must-have which can be used for everyday wear. You can mix and match this item with any outfit on any occasion.
  • Studs have plenty of sizes, adornments, and designs, which helps you to turn heads in every style. And they can be worn on any part of your ears. 

Silver stud earrings are also easy to clean.

Smiling sun moon silver stud earrings

Smiling sun moon silver stud earrings

2. 3 Categories of silver stud earrings

Each type of silver stud earrings has its own feature and may be worn on various occasions. To make it clear, we would categorize silver stud earrings by size, ornaments, and backing.

2.1. Stud earrings by sizes

Silver stud earrings have different sizes, from small, medium to large ones. The smallest pieces of studs are 2mm in size, which is most suitable for those having a newly-pierced hole. Medium pieces are from 5mm to 8mm in size while the sizes of large ones are from 9mm to 12mm. 

To adorn your ears, you can wear a set of stud earrings of different sizes on any part of your ear. One tip when wearing studs is having up-do hairstyles to show your shimmering pieces.

A set of heart stud earrings

A set of heart stud earrings

2.2. Stud earrings by front ornament 

The front ornament is considered to be the center of attention of any stud earring. The most popular front ornaments of silver stud earrings are diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. A pattern or symbol can also be front ornaments of studs such as heart shape, leaf shape, eye shape, etc.

Leaf stud silver earrings

Leaf stud silver earrings

2.3. Stud earrings by the backing

There are different kinds of ear backings that help to hold the studs onto your earlobes. 

  • Push-back studs: When wearing this type, you need to push a piece of metal on the post of your stud. Here is an example of push-back studs.
mens silver earrings

Push-back studs

  • Screw-back studs: They are nearly the same as push-back ones. However, you need to screw it instead of pushing the locking metal to the post of the earrings.
mens silver earrings

Silver screw back stud earrings

  • Ball-back studs: Ball-backs are nearly similar to pushbacks but they have a small ball in the back.
mens silver earrings


  • Clip-on studs: They are the right fit for non-pierced earlobes. They are a perfect choice for those having sensitive skin and risk of infections.
mens silver earrings

Clip-on studs

There are some things to consider when buying studs, including skin sensitivity, occasion, hairstyle, face shape, and budget.

Browse this blog if you want to discover different ways of styling silver stud earrings.

Buying guide

If you want to shop online, you may refer to 925Shine, Pandora, Amazon, Etsy, Tiffany & Co, etc.

final thoughts

Wearing a pairing may make a great impact on your outfit. It is crucial to find the pieces of earrings which are the right fit for you. We hope the above guide may help you know more about silver stud earrings and choose the right pieces. If you want to discover more types of silver earrings and other accessories, visit our website here.

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