Simple Silver Engagement Rings: The Best Choice for Minimalists

simple engagement rings silver

Minimalist jewelry has recently become very popular due to its simple and elegant design. It is suitable for everyday wear and facilitates matching with other accessories. Simple silver rings will especially please women who prefer subdued elegance over any bold ones. As they say, less is more. And this also applies to simple silver engagement rings.

1. What is a simple engagement ring?

Minimalism is the notion that less is more: Promoting the things we value and eliminating the things that distract us.

simple engagement rings silver

So what would a simple silver engagement ring look like? It is what remains after the excessive decorations are removed. It is a ring that shows elegance in simplicity. And all the elements of an engagement ring still exist, just on an underrated scale.

2. Who should buy a simple engagement ring?

Simple silver rings are the perfect choice for you if you relate to one or more of the following:

You prefer something compact and sophisticated for everyday wear comfort. A ring with large flashy gemstones can get in the way of everything from bed linen and hair to clothing, or can make it difficult to use your hands. If you plan to wear your ring every day, then a minimalist design may be more suitable for you than a silver ring with stones.

simple engagement rings silver

You don't care about the norms of society or the opinion of the crowd. Some people choose large diamond rings because it is a norm. But is that what you really want? An engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment to your other half rather than a fashion statement driven by societal expectations.

simple engagement rings silver

You don't want to spend a ton of money on your engagement ring, but rather invest those thousands of dollars in worthwhile things like a house or travel. In fact, you can find a simple gorgeous ring for as little as $500.

simple engagement rings silver

You just love dainty and elegant rings. Now you don't want to suddenly have a precious silver ring because it just doesn't suit your style.

3. Where to buy a simple engagement ring?

Because this trend is quickly becoming a growing one, you will be able to find simple engagement ring designs on many popular jewelry retailers. You can also easily create a handmade silver ring at a reasonable cost.

simple engagement rings silver

Our advice is to start searching on Etsy, Amazon and Overstock, which bring a world of jewelry in one place. You will find simple, unique and stunning silver engagement rings. Note that 925SHINE also offers 925 silver jewelry with good quality and reasonable price.

simple engagement rings silver

The truth is that silver rings are more susceptible to scratches and deformation than white gold and platinum. However, sterling silver rings are a great choice when added 7.5% copper, making them much more durable and easier to shape. Some ways to make silver engagement rings more durable is with rhodium or palladium plating.

Silver has been used for ages, across many different cultures, and is believed by some to be a powerful antibacterial agent. This particular property is said to help fight infections, help prevent colds and flu, and even heal wounds. HuffPost made some interesting claims about the benefits of silver in 2016: “10 Silver Benefits and Uses Backed By Science”.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, through the information given in our article, you can decide whether to choose a simple silver engagement ring or not. If you have any questions or want to share your experience, please comment below!

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