Everything you should know about small silver hoop earrings

small silver hoop earrings

Small hoop earrings (or huggie earrings) are one of the most trendy accessories which are added to jewelry collections by many celebrities, models, and influencers. And small silver hoop earrings are considered to be more affordable than those made from gold. However, what do small silver hoops exactly look like? How to wear this fashionable item? Don’t miss our blog to find out.

What are small silver hoop earrings?

Small hoop earrings (also called huggie earrings) mean hoops hugging the earlobe. They can be referred to as huggie hoops or huggie rings. They include butterfly back huggies and hinged back huggies which are easy to wear. 

Regardless of metal and material, small hoops might make you feel more put together. Compared to those from other metals, small silver hoop earrings are an affordable and timeless choice. You can consider pure silver or 925 sterling silver

Moreover, you can wear small hoops on the upper half or the lower half of your ears comfortably.

small silver hoop earrings

How To Fasten Huggie earrings?

When you want to buy small silver hoop earrings, you need to consider what kind of fastening your hoops are because the way to fasten your earrings can affect your comfort zone. Here are two types of huggie fastening you need to know: 

  • Butterfly back huggies 

Butterfly back huggies are very easy for you to wear because their ways of fastening are similar to those of stud earrings. 

Firstly, you need to remove the butterfly clasp from the earrings. Then, you put the bar through your piercing hole. Finally, you just need to replace the butterfly clasp on the back of your ear.

small silver hoop earrings
  • Hinged back huggies 

Wearing hinged back huggies is a little fiddly. Firstly, you need to open up the clasp and put their hinged bar through your piercing. After that, click the hinge into the other side of your earrings.

small silver hoop earrings

Tips to wear small silver hoop earrings

To make sure that you feel confident and comfy when wearing small silver hoop earrings, you need to notice the following tips: 

  • You need to use the ruler and measure from the center of your piercing hole to the bottom of the lobe. 
  • If you want your small hoops to be snug, you should choose hoops whose sizes are identical to your earlobe measurement. 
  • If you are afraid that your earrings are too snug, you should choose which ones have larger sizes, especially for the first piercing.
small silver hoop earrings

Yes, because small hoops might be an exception. They are small and snug to your ears, therefore, they can’t get tangled up in your hair or beds. It is comfortable for you to wear when sleeping. It is not advisable to wear them for a long time if their materials include nickel. You should take them off and clean them regularly to avoid infections.

Small silver hoop earrings are suitable for nearly any style. Therefore, they are believed to be essential in any collection of jewelry. And you can easily find out the ways to mix and match huggies in our blog.

final thoughts

If you are struggling to choose and wear small silver hoop earrings, we hope this blog is helpful and practical.  And don’t forget to browse our website daily to update the latest blogs about styling and gift ideas. Hope you get inspired with 925Shine.

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