Sterling Silver Engagement Rings: An Affordable Choice

sterling silver engagement rings

Engagement is one of the happiest times in a person's life. For a woman, the moment that a unique jewel slips into her finger is one she will never forget. That's why it's so important to have the perfect ring for that perfect moment. However, for the frugal,how do you get a ring that shows your love, while still staying within your budget? We've got a few ideas to make sure you're picking an affordable engagement ring. It is a sterling silver engagement ring!

1. Sterling silver. Why not?

Some people only look at the gemstone’s quality, i.e. size, cut, transparency and carat when considering the cost of an engagement ring. However, the metal of the ring is also a determining factor in its purchase price. Sometimes metal is the difference between rings that cost thousands of dollars and affordable engagement rings under $500.

sterling silver engagement rings

Sterling silver is a relatively cheaper alternative to white gold and platinum. and it makes beautiful, affordable engagement rings. It is a metal with a natural, radiant luster.

Not only that, sterling silver is also very durable and can be created in many styles, from simple silver rings to wide sterling silver rings with cool patterns.

925 silver goes well with any gemstone and it helps to create personalized rings at an affordable price.

2. Diamond or gemstone engagement rings

Diamond rings have always been the most popular gemstone for engagement rings. They offer sparkle, unbeatable value and a classic and traditional look that is the hallmark of engagements and weddings. To get affordable diamond engagement rings, you can reduce your requirements on 4C's. The best way to ensure that you are receiving a good value diamond is to work with a gemologist. They can give you options that fit your budget and look gorgeous.

sterling silver engagement rings

If you're comfortable with a gemstone engagement ring, the top three gems to consider are sapphire, emerald, and ruby. They have the highest value after diamonds and are consistent in durability. However, other gems are also worth considering. The price is really only secondary if the gem means something special to the two of you. A gemstone engagement ring creates a visually appealing and unique look and can be much more affordable than diamonds. But find out if the gemstone you choose is natural or not to be sure of the gem quality.

3. Tips for buying an engagement ring on a budget

High-quality silver engagement rings often have a stamp on the inside of the ring. And this stamp must also be accompanied by the seal of the manufacturer. Silver diamond or gemstone engagement rings must have a certificate from a reputable laboratory detailing the stone. Avoid buying rings without this information.

sterling silver engagement rings

Don't overwhelm yourself and get distracted by the carat size or clarity of the stone. It's easy to lose focus while shopping and start looking at those numbers instead of prices. Just make sure to work with a reputable jeweler you can trust that has a good return policy and lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your jewelry will stay beautiful for a lifetime.

sterling silver engagement rings

The most important tip is to do a lot of research before buying. It's tempting to land the first ring that you think is the perfect fit for your budget, but this can backfire quickly when the ring doesn't meet the durability requirements. Read as much as you can, ask everything you don't understand. You can comment at the bottom of this page to discuss with us.

Buying guide

You can buy sterling silver engagement rings online at reliable jewelry brands in Etsy, Amazon and Overstock. You can also buy sterling silver jewelry at 925SHINE with good quality and reasonable price.

Most engagement rings can be resized, especially sterling silver rings, which are surprisingly durable. However, rings with gems on the entire strap (e.g., a permanent bracelet) are usually not resizable.

This is purely a matter of preference. For some couples, matching rings are the perfect way to symbolize living together. For others, it may not be desirable if two people’s preferences are different or even impractical if one person’s job requires a simple ring.

Wrapping up

Hope the tips above can help you find the perfect choice for your engagement ring. Please comment below to share with us your experience!

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