Sterling Silver Gemstone Rings: What does Each Stone Truly Mean?

sterling silver gemstone rings

We've all heard that diamonds symbolize forever love, but what do we know about the meanings and symbolism of other precious gemstones? Cultures around the world have assigned each gemstone unique meanings. It's time to choose your sterling silver gemstone rings based on the meaning and strength of the gemstone, in addition to your preferred color. Read on to discover the profound meanings associated with the world's precious stones commonly used in jewelry.

1. The Origin of the Symbols

Throughout history, different gemstones were thought to have different powers or meanings. Many of these symbols originated in myths from Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, Asia, and even the Bible.

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2. Diamond

Made of pure carbon, the natural hardness and clarity of diamonds mean that they represent timeless affection and lasting love. They are therefore the perfect choice for engagement rings and wedding rings.

sterling silver gemstone rings

3. Pearl

Pearls, the oldest gemstone, are known for their beautiful colors and exquisite beauty. In Europe, pearls were associated with purity and innocence. As a symbol of innocence and honesty, pearl jewelry is an especially suitable gift for children. In addition, pearls are popular in bridal jewelry, birthday gifts, and anniversary gifts.

sterling silver gemstone rings

4. Sapphire

Blue sapphires have long been considered the symbol of loyalty and are an attractive choice for silver engagement rings. They are also one of the most popular stones used in royal jewelry. Sapphires are believed to attract wealth and blessings, invite spiritual clarity, promote health, and protect chastity.

5. Emerald

Emeralds are a symbol of intuition and foresight. They protect the wearer from evil spells and cure diseases. Emeralds have also been considered symbols of truth and love throughout time. In ancient Greece and Rome, emeralds symbolized the Roman Goddess Venus, the goddess of love and maternal affection.

sterling silver gemstone ringssterling silver gemstone rings

6. Ruby

Associated with passion, vivacity and intense love, rubies are extremely romantic. Rubies are believed by people in India and Burma to bring safety and peace. In medieval Europe, these gems were supposed to ensure health, wealth, wisdom and success in love, which makes them an excellent gift for lovers.

sterling silver gemstone rings

7. Topaz

Topaz is a symbol of love and fidelity. They are said to bestow strength and intelligence to the wearer. Like other yellow stones, topaz is believed to bring good luck and confidence. According to the legend, topaz dispels bad dreams, banishes poisons, and promotes fertility.

sterling silver gemstone rings

8. Tanzanite

Tanzanite is said to encourage perception and intuition. There is some suggestion that tanzanite can also help detoxify the body and improve physical energy. This modern gem is ideal for fresh styles, making it perfect for young couples looking for the ideal engagement rings.

sterling silver gemstone rings

9. Citrine

Citrine can vary in color from pale yellow to deep amber. This gemstone symbolizes joy, prosperity and energy. This stone makes a great gift for best friends because of what it symbolizes.

sterling silver gemstone rings

10. Morganite

Morganite is supposed to bring positive healing energies, joy of inner peace, confidence, and unconditional love. It is also said to calm anxiety and stress.

sterling silver gemstone rings

There is not much difference between precious and semi-precious stones as the terms are only formulated to separate emerald, ruby, sapphire, and diamond from other stones. From the 1800s, these terms first came into being to designate four stones that were more valuable, popular, and beautiful than other gemstones during this time. Precious stones are considered rarer and more valuable than other stones and have been valued since ancient times. They are usually pure color and in limited supply.

Organic gemstones are formed from living organisms such as plants and animals. For example, Pearl, Whitby Jet, Amber, and Coral.

final thoughts

A sterling silver gemstone ring is the perfect gift for someone you love and a great treat for yourself. Sterling silver rings from 925SHINE are timeless and gorgeous pieces of exquisite beauty. You can wear these rings as everyday items or to accentuate your style on special occasions.

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