How to style your sterling silver hoop earrings for every occasion

sterling silver hoop earrings

Without a doubt, sterling silver hoop earrings are a perfect choice if you want to find affordable and easy-to-wear pieces. They can work well with any outfit on any occasion. Please scroll down to discover how to style this trendy accessory.

Some types of sterling silver hoop earrings

Huggie hoops 

Huggie hoop earrings (or small hoop earrings) are best if you want to create an elegant, gorgeous look. They flatter most face shapes and are an ideal choice for your daily outfits.

sterling silver hoop earrings

Medium hoops 

Medium hoop earrings, which are bigger than a huggie, are a go-to for you. It’s a classic pairing which suits every outfit in the daytime. Wearing a piece of medium hoops is a great addition to your casual look.

sterling silver hoop earrings

Large hoops 

Large hoop earrings are perfect for a stylish, bold look because they are more of a fashion statement. If you have angular, elongated, or wide face shapes, large hoops are for you. They may draw maximum attention to your face.

sterling silver hoop earrings

Extra-large hoop earrings 

A piece of oversized hoop earrings is one of the biggest trends of the runways including Marc Jacobs, Michael, and Fendi. It is considered that “the bigger the better”. Here is the inspiration for you:

sterling silver hoop earrings

How to style sterling silver hoop earrings differently

Casual look

Sterling silver hoop earrings are a trendy and fashionable item that makes you look like a fashion blogger. They help you with a modern and effortless style like French women. 

The only thing you need to do is wear basic clothes and your go-to hoop earrings. This will make you comfortable and active in your own way. The secret to creating a very trendy look is the combination of your hairstyle and hoops.

sterling silver hoop earrings

Bohemian look 

An easy way to create an effortless boho look is wearing sterling silver hoop earrings, especially an oversized pair. It also depends on your own style and comfort zone. 

If wearing large hoops makes you uncomfortable, you can try a smaller pair. 

And to complete your boho-inspired look, try to wear a headscarf or headband or bracelets and necklaces.

sterling silver hoop earrings

Minimalist style 

You must have a pair of hoop earrings if you are following the minimalist style. They are the best choice to create a chic and stylish look. You may look elegant and gorgeous with small or medium hoops or unique-designed hoops.

sterling silver hoop earrings

Fashion-forward look 

To create a catwalk-inspired look, big hoops are a perfect choice for you. This pairing might trigger your confidence and taste for fashion. This also presents a fearless and bold side of you.

sterling silver hoop earrings

90’s inspired trend 

Sterling silver hoop earrings never go out of fashion, therefore, they completely suit 90’s inspired outfits or vintage looks.

sterling silver hoop earrings

Professional business look

The best hoops for the working environment or business meetings are small or medium hoop earrings. Accessorizing your business outfits with hoops makes you look trendy and chic. 

You should not wear large hoops or bold-designed hoops because they attract a lot of attention.

sterling silver hoop earrings

Styling for men

The best choice of hoop earrings for men might be huggie hoops because you can easily mix and match them with any outfit. If you want to have a more stylish look like celebrities or runway model, you can try dangly, large hoop earrings.

sterling silver hoop earrings

Absolutely, yes. Sterling silver is one of the most durable and affordable metals. You can read more about sterling silver earrings here. 

Silver is considered safe by doctors. Silver offers antibacterial and disease-fighting benefits. Silver rings also offer a number of other benefits, including pain relief, anxiety relief, calmness, and ease to re-focus.

final thoughts

We hope you would find your favorite styling of sterling silver hoop earrings in this blog and embrace your most fashionable self. If you are looking for which pieces best suit you, don’t miss to browse our website to discover more.

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